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Top 10 Biggest Squashes

Squash NameWeightFirst NameLast NamePhoto
1578 Holub 2014
Detail Progeny
1578.00ScottHolub 1578 Holub 2014
1533.5 Kline 2015
Detail Progeny
1533.50ToddKline No Photo
1486.6 Jarvis 2011
Detail Progeny
1486.60 JoelJarvis No Photo
1445.5 Jutras 2015
Detail Progeny
1445.50 JoeJutras No Photo
1421.5 Jutras 2014
Detail Progeny
1421.50JoeJutras No Photo
1362.5 Pugh 2014
Detail Progeny
1362.50RussPugh No Photo
1349.2 Oliver 2015
Detail Progeny
1349.20DaleOliver No Photo
1324 Kline 2013
Detail Progeny
1324.00ToddKline No Photo
1285 Boonen 2014
Detail Progeny
1285.00HermanBoonen No Photo
1279.2 Kline 2014
Detail Progeny
1279.20ToddKline No Photo

This site provides the grower of Squashes with a resource to get them to the next level and grow a giant Squash. You will be able to compare, look at their world rank, and determine which genetic line of the Squash will grow the next world record Squash.

We are always taking suggestions and continuing updating this site to provide you with the best information about Squashes.

Growers, enter your data, upload your pictures, or send me the data from your weigh-offs and I'll get it entered. This site also maintains the difference between GPC results and other weigh off site results.

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